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Victor Haen Elementary School Library: Fourth Grade

Digital Books - Amazing Stories

Website Evaluaton

Group 1 - Fainting Goats

Group 2 - Northwest Tree Octopus

Group 3 - Mike the Headless Chicken

Group 4 -  The Jackalope

Group 5Dog Island 

Group 6 Dehydrated Water

Google Maps sights to see

Washington Monument

Alcatraz Island - see the infamous prison near San Francisco

The White House

Metropolitan Museum of Art - visit the famous Art Museum in NYC

Central Park - Check out the huge park in New York City

Yellowstone National Park - see one of the best National Parks in the US

Grand Canyon - See this amazing National Park in Arizona

Emirates Airbus A380-800 - fly in luxury

Palace at Versailles - See the ornate palace of the French King Louis the 16th.

Eiffel Tower  - See all of Paris from the view in the Eiffel Tower

Fun and Games

AutoDraw: This is a really fun site that will locate well-drawn images of what you are trying to draw.

My Blue Robot: This site allows you to create your own robot.

Chrome Music Lab 

Fun Brain - fun games for all ages.

The Kids Should see this - fun videos for all ages.

Make Believe Comix - create your own comic.  


A to Z Animals If you need some quick information about bandicoots or capybaras, check this site out.

Animals @ National Geographic You'll find plenty of information about your favorite animals here and photographs, too!

Animal Fact Guide

At Animal Fact Guide, you can learn about interesting and endangered animals from around the world.

Math & Problem Solving Games

Cool Math 4 Kids

Demolition Division Don't crash! Get your division facts straight!

Greg Tang Math Try these puzzlers to test your skills.

Math Learning Center So many math apps!!! geoboards, number lines, number frames. This website makes practicing your facts fun!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives