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Electa Quinney Elementary and New Directions Learning Community Library: #QuinneyReads!

Our library mission is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our school community.


Mrs. Luedeke Reads the Last Chapter!

Stuart Little

Stuart Little Family Photos

#QuinneyReads in the Library!

Guest Reader: Mr. Duerwaechter


Guest Reader: Mrs. Wiese

#QuinneyReads Presentation

Reading Schedule

Dates Chapters Discussion Questions
11/18-11/27 9-11 (25)

1. How did Stuart feel when he was trapped in the garbage truck and then on the garbage scow and why?

2. What did Angora mean when she told Snowbell that he had more self-control than him?

3. Why did Stuart run away from home?  How do you think his family will feel about him being gone again?

12/2-12/8 12 (17)

1. Why were the scholars so delighted to have a substitute teacher?  How do you feel about having a substitute?

2. Stuart would like to be “Chairman of the World”.  Do you think he would make a good “chairman”. What does he think makes a good chairman?  What would you expect him to do?

12/9-12/15 13-14 (25)

1. Why do you think the storekeeper wanted Stuart to meet Harriet?

2. Why did Stuart write in his letter that his canoe is like “an old and  trusted friend” when he doesn’t even own one?

3. Stuart spent the day getting ready for his time with Harriet.    Why do you think he just let her walk away when he finally met her? If your plans were ruined, would you react like Stuart or would you try to make the best of a bad situation? Explain.


15 (6)

1. A person who is optimistic has a tendency to believe that good things will happen.  After reading the book, do think that Stuart is an optimist? Give examples.


2. Being a friend sometimes means doing something extraordinary by giving more than you thought you ever could.  How did Stuart do this?

3. What lessons did you learn about showing good character from Stuart?