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Victor Haen Elementary School Library: Second Grade

Our Library mission is to inspire lifelong learning, to advance knowledge, and to strengthen our school community


Force and Movement @ BBC Science - Experiment with trucks to learn about different levels of force.
Forces in Action @ BBC Science - Experiment with weight and incline and their effects on movement and speed.
Friction @ BBC Science - Experiment with different surfaces to learn about friction and movement.
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour- See the sights at the museum in Washington D.C. - on your computer!


Art and Social Studies


NGAKids Art Zone - Fifteen different digital interactives that let you create art online.

Social Studies:

Ben's Guide to Government - Learn about the history and work of our nation's government. 

Holidays - Pebble Go
Holidays - Christmas in Mexico
Holidays - Christmas around the World
Holidays - Christmas around the World #2

Math and Puzzles

Alien Addition - Save the world from aliens and practice your facts at the same time!
Counting Money - Review your skills with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
Create a Graph - Use this website to help you create bar, pie and line graphs in a few simple steps.
Fact Family Addition and Subtraction

Fun 4 the Brain - addition games
Greg Tang Math - Try these math games to test your skills and strategies.
Measure It @ FunBrain - Practice measuring with Builder Beaver in inches and centimeters. 


Puzzles and Problem-solving:

ABCya - You'll find reading, math and problem-solving games galore here.

Language Arts

Language Arts:
Balloon Pronouns - Use your skill with pronouns to pop the correct balloons and win.
Balloon Verbs - Identify the verbs, pop the balloons and score big points.
Coconut Vowels - Can you figure out what letter is missing and make a word before the coconut drops and cracks?
Word Frog - Your knowledge of antonyms, synonyms and homonyms will help feed the hungry frog.