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River View Library: Coding Zone

Our library mission is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our school community.

Coding Club

Coding Club: Check this out!

Explore the EXPLORATION ZONE (left side of symbaloo for some coding options)

Beginner Coders:
JavaScript -C
ode News
Scratch -Make Animations that Talk
Blocks - 
Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code
Scratch -
Animate an Adventure Game
Blocks- Minecraft

Tynker - Code Monsters


Advanced Coders:
The Apprentice Code Wizard -
Code Monkey Studios - Game Builder
Tynker (see directions for account below) - Draw a Landscape

Tynker -

Log in to Tynker with their account

Enter this class code 6610847


What is Coding?


Create stories, games, and animations with code.

Join these classes

Class Code: FX83GZ

Hour of Code

Hour of Code website link