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Park Community Charter School Library: Digital Citizenship

Our library mission is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our school community.

Interland: Be Internet Awesome

Words Are Powerful- STOP

Pause & Think Online

Digital Passport Practice

We Are All Digital Citizens! What Does That Mean?

Staying Safe Online

Digital Citizenship Checklist

Are You a Digital Citizen? 

Are you using the Internet and Apps safely and responsibly?  Use the following checklist to be sure you are:

check  I do not do anything that hurts others or is illegal.

  • check  I do not give out any personal information such as phone number, email, address without my parents’ permission.

  • check  I never agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents.

  • check  I don't respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make me feel uncomfortable. Instead, I tell my parent or teacher.

  • check  I always talk with my parents before posting pictures of myself or my family online to be sure it is appropriate.

  • check  I only share my passwords with my parents and NO ONE else. 

  • check  I always check with my parents before downloading or installing anything on your computer or mobile device so we protect our privacy.

  • check  I never open an email or message from a stranger as it may contain a virus that could harm your computer or mobile device

A Digital Trail