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KHS Library: Fab Lab


Devices at KHS

See Mr Hietpas for help incorporating these into your projects or classroom. All devices are available to use or checkout through the KHS library.

Video Editing

A design lab is being created in the library. The first piece of this lab is video editing. The library has an iMac with Final Cut Pro X for all of your editing needs.

Poster Printer

The library has a poster printer that can be used by staff or student projects.

Collaboration Stations

The library has two collaboration stations that can be used for collaborative group projects

3D Printing

Create your own digital models and print them on the PrintrBot Play in the library.‚Äč

Go Pro

The library recently added a Go Pro camera to the design lab. Go Pros can be used for a variety of video applications.

Arduino Microcontroller

Open-source electronic prototyping platform that enables users to create interactive electronic objects.