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River View Library Research Process: Searching for Information


Getting Started

Searching for information is a process. You will begin by identifying search terms you think are the most likely to help you find the best results. By repeatedly using those terms in different resources you will identify whether those terms are working for you. You might identify other terms along this path that are broader or narrower. Once you settle on the correct terms you will continue to search different resources because there is no one perfect resource that fits any topic. 

SIRS Researcher

Research in Context




SIRS Discoverer

Post Crescent

Brittanica School


Freedom Flix

Need More Help

Librarians can help you find documents that support your research topic.

A librarian can suggest ways to narrow your topic, while finding sources, by brainstorming keywords and search strategies. 

Librarians can help you use the library's catalog and databases. 

A librarian can help you become a savvy user of Google, so that you can use it faster and better.